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To learn more about the Martini, I would strongly recommend the following...
  • Hover around the Martini-Henry Collector's Forum, hosted by The forum is frequented by many Martini Gurus and enthusiasts, and has taught me a wealth of info on these incredible weapons.
  • Purchase a Martini-Henry, Enfield or Metford. Shoot it, care for it, preserve the history it represents. Get others interested in this hobby.
  • Reload the .450 Martini-Henry cartridge. Experiment (within safety tolerances, or course) with different loads, waddings, paper patchings and bullet weights.
  • Disassembling, and examining your own Martini is another fun way to learn.
  • By all means, DO purchase these books, you won't regret it... "A Treatise On The British Military Martini" by Barry Temple & Ian Skennerton (all three volumes) and "Martini-Henry .450 Rifles and Carbines" by Dennis Lewis. 

Also check out the Links page for other web based Martini resources.


Recommended Books...

"A Treatise On The British Military Martini, Vol.1" by Barry Temple & Ian Skennerton. The first volume in the series covers the development , trials and acceptance of the Martini-Henry into British Service. (246 pages, well illustrated) ISBN 0-9596108-8-X
"A Treatise On The British Military Martini, Vol.2" by Barry Temple & Ian Skennerton. Discusses the .303 and experimental .40 caliber Martinis. (214 pages, well illustrated) ISBN 0-9596108-6-3

"A Treatise On The British Military Martini, Vol.3" by Barry Temple & Ian Skennerton. The final volume in the series. In depth coverage of: Manufacturing processes, markings, bayonets, skeletonized Martinis, Morris Tubes and other Martini accessories. (174 pages, well illustrated) ISBN 0-9596108-7-1

"The Boxer Cartridge in the British Service" by Barry Temple. The history of Edward M. Boxer's cartridge, as used by the British from 1866 to the 1930's. Covers the evolution of the Snider and Martini Patterns primarily. (200 pages, illustrations on nearly every page) ISBN 0-9596677-0-9
"Martini-Henry .450 Rifles and Carbines" by Dennis Lewis. Good things come in small packages. This 70 page book compares the major patterns of Martini-Henry Rifles and Carbines, and briefly discusses bayonets and commercial .450 Martinis. (70 pages, 57 illustrations) ISBN 1-880677-12-1

"The Paper Jacket" by Paul Matthews. The art of wrapping a piece of paper around a bullet to prevent lead fouling and increase accuracy. (140 pages, many photos and illustrations) ISBN 1-879356-02-3

"The Washing of the Spears" by Donald R. Morris. History of the Zulu Nation from the days of the early Cape Settlers to the battles of the Zulu War. Long-winded and very dry in some parts, but informative. (655 pages) ISBN 671-20233-2 (Paperback)

"The Zulu War, A Pictorial History" by Michael Barthorp. A heavily illustrated and well written history of the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War. (192 pages, 150 illustrations) ISBN 0-7137-1005-5 (Hardback) ISBN 0-7137-1469-7 (Paperback)

"The Zulu War" by Angus McBride, part of the Osprey 'Men At Arms' Series. A nice "pocket reference". Features excellent illustrations and maps. (40 pages, many illustrations) ISBN 0-85045-256-2

"The Gun and its Development" by William Wellington Greener. Mr. Greener's history of the firearm. Covers Greener Arms in great detail. (804 Pages, approx 20 pages of period firearms advertisements included, extremely well illustrated)
"Cartridge Carbines of the British Army" by Alan M. Petrillo. Covers the Snider-Enfield, Martini-Henry/Enfield/Metford and Lee-Enfield/Metford Carbines used by the British Army. (72 Pages, paperback with many illustrations.) ISBN 1-880677-13-X
Factory Production, Proof, Inspection, Armorer, Unit and Issue markings covered in depth. Wonder what those cryptic markings on your Martini-Enfield's stock disk mean? Here's the place to find out! (140 pages, 80 illustrations) ISBN 0-949749-43-5
"Rorke's Drift" by James W. Bancroft. A detailed analysis of the events surrounding the heroic defense of the Mission Station at Rorke's Drift. Detailed information about the defenders themselves, and what happened to them later in life. (168 Pages, many illustrations and photos) ISBN 0-946771-48-0
"The Zulu War" by David Clammer, 1973. A concise, but extremely well written account of the Zulu War from the Ultimatum to the battle of Ulundi. (239 pages, paperback with illustrations, maps and black and white photos) ISBN 0-7153-9246-8

"Small Arms Identification Series #15 .450 & .303 Martini Rifles and Carbines" by Ian Skennerton. Details the Martini-Henry, Martini-Metford and Martini-Enfield conversions with drawings of all the parts with armourer's maintenance & stripping instructions. (48 pages, full of illustrations, diagrams, drawings and pictures) ISBN 0-9497-4944-3

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