Here's a Martini-Henry buff-leather sling. I purchased this reproduction from IMA. For $20, they are an excellent value, and really make your Martini look sharp.
  • Start the process by removing the leather thong from the tongue end of the sling.
  • Feed the tongue end of the sling through the upper barrel band sling, as shown at left. Make certain the crease in the tongue is oriented as shown.
  • Feed the majority of the sling through the upper barrel band in the direction indicated by the arrows.
  • You'll notice that the loop sewn onto the end of the sling has its open side facing downwards, in relation to the rifle. If your sling's loop is facing upwards, slide the sling out of the swivel, turn the sling over, and feed it back through. The loop must face downwards, as we will be feeding the tongue end of the sling through these two loops in the next steps.
  • Feed the tongue end of the sling through the first leather loop. This loop is the slider. It is not sewn to the sling.
  • Next, feed the tongue through the second leather loop. You'll notice this loop is sewn onto the sling, and doesn't move. This is why it's important to have the sling oriented properly when feeding it through the upper barrel band sling swivel.
  • Okay, here's what your sling should look like at this point in the process.
  • Feed the tongue end of the sling through the trigger guard sling swivel.
  • Fold the tongue over. The crease should mate with the sling swivel, as shown at left.
  • Grab your leather thong, and thread it through the four holes in the tongue, as shown.
  • Secure the leather thong with a tight knot. I use half of a square knot. I have always found it to be completely adequate, and have never experienced any slippage.
  • Once tied, cut off the excess leather from the thong.
  • Slide the moving loop towards the front of the muzzle to lock off the sling. To open the sling up, pull the bottom side towards the butt, while feeding the sewn-loop end of the sling towards the muzzle. ENJOY!!!

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