Thanks to the following people for donating images. Without their generous contributions, this site would not be possible...

  • Allen Fuchs from Placerville, California. My friend Allen is the website's new graphic designer. Look for his work to be gracing these pages in the future!
  • Stuart Ransley from Australia provided the scans of the Boxer-Henry .45 Caliber Load Data.
  • Tristan my "friend in the antique gun disease". Tristan provided some great pics of his carbine's leather rear sight protector. His detailed photos enabled me to have a reproduction made for my MkI Carbine...thanks Tristan!
  • Randy Shoker in Ohio. Randy is a frequent contributor to the Martini-Henry Collector's Forum, and has supplied many images from his collection, including the Mark II with the offset markings on the "Martini Markings" section of the site.
  • Ian Skennerton from Australia. Ian is the author of many references relating to British and Commonwealth firearms, including "A Treatise on the British Military Martini", THE defacto reference on the Martini-Henry. Ian has been a tremendous help, as well as a source of inspiration. He authorized the use of graphics from Volume 3 of the Treatise and are used all over this website, predominantly in the "Martini Markings" section.
  • Southern Armorer from the Martini Collector's Forum. He provided the information for the "Quick Breechblock Disassembly" featured on the Illustrated Martini Disassembly portion of the site.
  • David Harris from Canada. David provided a great shot of his Mark IV's "DIKPOL" buttstock marking.
  • Jeffrey Hayes provided a great picture of P1876 scabbards, as well as setting me straight with regards to some misinformation I had on the bayonets page regarding the three Marks of scabbards used with the P1876.
  • Tony Edwards provided the wonderful scans of M-H cartridge variants on the The Boxer-Henry Cartridge page.
  • MAJ Rob McLain provided images of his rifle for use on the Khyber Pass Martini Page.

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