Service Timelines

The following reflects the years of active British Military service...

Martini-Henry Service Timeline...

Martini-Henry Infantry Rifle, MK I, 1871-76

Martini-Henry Infantry Rifle, MK II, 1877-81•••

Martini-Henry Infantry Rifle, MK III, 1881-88

Martini-Henry Infantry Rifle, MK IV, 1888-89

Martini-Henry Carbine, Cavalry, MK I, 1877-82

Martini-Henry Carbine, Artillery, MK I, 1888-89

Martini-Henry Carbine, Artillery, MKs II & III, 1893-96

Enfield/Metford Variants...

Enfield-Martini Infantry Rifle, MK I, 1887-88

Martini-Metford Infantry Rifle, MK II, 1890-91

Martini-Metford Carbine, Cavalry, MKs I, I*,II, II* & III 1892-96

Martini-Enfield Infantry Rifle, MKs I, I*, II & II* 1895-1903

Martini-Enfield Carbine, Cavalry, MKs I & II, 1896-1904

Martini-Enfield Carbine, Artillery. MKs I, II & III, 1896-1904

••• The Martini-Henry Mark II Infantry Rifle was manufactured until the year 1889. These late production Mark II Rifles were built under Government Contract, and most were sent off to India, so it's not surprising that we're seeing so many late dated Mark II's coming out of the recently discovered "Nepal Cache". The most likely reason for the late production of the outdated Mark II was to burn up existing stores of Mark II action bodies and parts still on hand. Another was that the British knew these weapons would be going to India, and the British always liked it when the third world colonies did not get the most modern pattern of weaponry (in the event that they ever had to put down a rebellion, they liked to have the edge with regards to having modern weaponry). The British were extraordinarily frugal with their weapons production.
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