Reproduction P1860 Zinc Oil Bottle

The P1860 zinc oil bottle was a standard issue implement for use with the P1853 Enfield, the Snider-Enfield, and the Martini-Henry rifle. There were two variaties, the seamed and seamless version. Per LoC,# 128...

Oil bottle for fitting into ball bag, infantry. 5 Jul 1860. This pattern, and the subsequent (seamless) pattern, were both issued with the Enfield rifle, Snider-Enfield rifle, Martini-Henry rifle.

Now, a high quality reproduction, identical to the oringinal in every respect, is available from O'Dea & Co. Military Equipments! It features a zinc body, brass top and cap and a steel applicator in the cap. Perfect for reenactors, collectors, and as a practical instrument to help keep your vintage British Service Rifle lubricated! The original lubrication stored in the bottle was Rangoon Oil. We are pleased to announce that we have located a source for Rangoon Oil that you can use in your P1860 oil bottles. It can be purchased directly from Peter Dyson & Son Ltd. in England. Peter Dyson & Son are also retailers for our P1860 oil bottles. Two patterns of the seamed bottle are currently being offered:

1. Manufactured by "Birmingham Trade", and is unmarked.

2. Manufactured at RSAF Enfield, and is marked with the broad arrow and "WD".

Both patterns sell for $25.00, plus $5.00 shipping.

Available From:

O'Dea & Co. Military Equipments

P.O. Box 3785, Camp Verde, AZ 86322-3785

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